week 3 11 / Technology Lab:Online videos

Regarding online videos “youtube and vimeo” I consider myself as a novice. As for youtube, I ve never created or posted one but I usually watch and sometimes use what others posted in my lessons as an extra explanatory tool or as a warm up for a certain object especially that in our classes we don’t always  have access to the internet. For Vimeo, I also have never used it.

For this technology lab I searched the web to know more about it and found this site http://vimeo.com/videoschool which I found very easy to navigate and I also found that it not very complicated to create and bradcast your own video. One doesn’t need to be very proffissional to do so. The steps to follow are clear and the explanation is accompanied by short videos to show these steps.

I am not sure how I can employ this in my teaching but I think students can do such videos as a showcase to some of their projects or field trips and share their experiences with others.

Students who are nonverbal or don’t prefer public presentation might find this way useful although I think that it is appealing to most students. Students with sight disabilities might find this sort of  technology difficult to employ or take advantage of.

Through this assignment, I don’t claim that I am now ready to use this kind of technology as I have to study more about, but at least I  gained some knowledge of something I would have never thought of knowing about or doing. I will make sure that I will consider it  more seriously in the class environment.

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