On line survey tools (Survey Monkey)

Technology Lab: Surveys

Week # 5

I used on line survey only once but as a  participant and not a creator and that was when one of my prof. sent us a survey to fill in order to take the results as a base for a certain lecture.  It was easy to navigate through. I consider myself a novice in this technology as I have never created or done something similar.  In terms of technology, I am not so professional and the things I master are the things that I usually use in my work and these are “word and some power point. I can search the web for different web sites and I can send and receive emails and attach files and pictures”.

It is a great opportunity for me to get to know a new kind of technology every week having to search for information about and watch some videos about on you tube.  I went to www.survey monkey.com which was friendly- user site. I read and watched the short videos about how to create one’s own surveys and I knew how there are some sites that can help one to conduct his/her survey, pick the target audience who are categorized in many ways,  analyze data and show results in different formats as charts , graphs, crosstabs and being filtered. Using on line surveys enables one to export the results to excel, CSV and SPSS.  In a short time with minimal effort compared to the time and effort one used to put in order to conduct such surveys. I think that this site is very easy to navigate especially for people like me whose background knowledge about on line surveys is little.

I am still not sure how I might use this in my work, but I think that when I am better at it  I might use  it  to surveys teachers feedback on the new English curriculum that is currently being implemented in our schools.  

It also might be useful for students in higher education for their projects for Masters o Doctoral degrees. It also could be used for projects for students who are in secondary school. People with visionary difficulties might face obstacles using this kind of technology but audio feature might be added to solve the problem.


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